Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Installing a Spindle Part 2 - Episode 145

Today I am looking at wiring up the spindle and and programming the VDF (Variable Frequency Drive) to make the spindle run. I also built a very basic hand control for demo purposes to illustrate how remote control can be easily achieved without having to interface the VDF with your PC and yet still have reasonable control of the spindles speed turn it on / off remotly.

Because of the large range of spindles and VDF's available it is not possible to make a one size fits all, this is how you do it video. All I can show is this is how I did mine and yours should be similar. Most of the real information is in the form of drawings and documentation on this page so read it carefully after watching this video.

If the reader finds something that they believe is wrong with the stup of the VFD please advise me and I will investigate and amend the documentation as necessary.


Please be careful when configuring the VFD. Incorrect settings can damage the VFD, Spindle or both.
Please use this documentation in conjunction with the video above.

Wiring the Spindle / VFD

The first drawing below shows how the VFD is wired to the mains and to the Spindle.
It is usual to use screened cable between the spindle and the VDF because of the large amount of interference that such equipment can generate. For those that live in the USA you can purchase screened cable from   
Just look under Parts and Accessories > Wire

Click on me to download

Click on me to download

Wiring a Simple Remote Hand Control

The settings i have put into my VFD can be used for either a simple hand control or interfacing with a Gecko G540 stepper driver. 
If you have an existing setup and wish to use the hand control the relevant registers to program are:
PD001, PD002, PD070 - PD076 inclusive
The values I have used should be ok for your setup with the exception of PD072 which you need to set to the frequency of your spindle.
 See my Spindle VFD configuration document.
Click on me to Download a copy

Spindle Configuration
To the best of my knowledge this info is correct
If the reader finds something that they believe is wrong with the setup of the VFD please advise me. I will investigate and amend the documentation as necessary.
This document shows how mine is configured so please use this in conjunction with the user manual for your VFD. Do not assume that the settings i have used on mine are correct as they are specific to the VFD / Spindle combination that I am using. Yours may be different.

Click on the links below to download the files.

VFD Configuration file

VFD Manual English Version    This covers several models of Haug Yaug drives

Configure your spindle before connecting the Spindle for it's first run. I used a lower rated fuse in mine until I had it running properly and then installed a fuse of the correct rating. This was done incase the VFD was incorrectly configured it would blow the fuse rather than damage the spindle or VFD. 

If there is sufficent interest in a hand control build I will make a video on building a proper spindle remote hand control. The one shown in the video was for demonstratuion purposes only to show what was possible with minimal effort. It is not intended for actual usage though if it was housed in a suitable box it would make an ideal control and would be much better than using the VFD front panel.


  1. Thanks. Hand control would be nice till I hook up a the usb

  2. It's nice and simple to make and in some ways I almost prefer it myself.
    Still getting used to the auto start but I like the fact it turns off when the cut is done.
    I suppose when you are used to doing something for so long it is hard to change.

  3. I am in process of getting and integrating the air-cooled 2.2kW spindle motor and inverter/control unit and I am curious if you, after having used the air-cooled unit for a while, wish that you had gotten the water-cooled version? Also, what size fuse did you put in the main line, both for testing and for final configuration?

    1. I'm perfectly happy with the Air cooled spindle and don't regret it at all.
      I used a 2 amp fuse for the initial setup and 10 amp for the final.
      Normal running current with no load is 1 amp.

  4. Thank you sir... I really do enjoy your videos and learn a LOT. Keep up the good work.

  5. Well, you have cleared up one thing Peter - air cooled is sufficient. Will your spindle accept 1/2 inch bits? Most spindles I have considered will only take up to 1/4. What is your opinion on using 1/2 inch bits? Are they a necessity for the hobbyist?

  6. I found your videos and documents on spindles and VFDs extremely helpful. Thanks for everything you do.

    1. Thanks Carey, glad they help.