Wednesday 26 June 2019

How I Design a Project - episode 237

Have you ever wondered how I design a project? 
Oh well, your about to find out anyway. This video is the first part of a series on designing a project from the beginning. Unfortunately as you probably know this sometimes isn't the most glamorous part of the process and to be blunt can be a bit boring. Even worse is having someone trying to pass on their thoughts and plans. At theses times it is best to just nod and smile a lot but this part of the process is important. If someone came up to you and asked you to make them a box then like me I'm sure you would spend the next 5 minutes or more getting as much information about the box as you could. Height, width, depth, material, hinges,handles, finish, etc 
The same applies to a project like mine. I have the advantage that I can see in my minds eye what I want and even though my design is being done on the fly I can see the overall finished product. Some Youtubers will present a 3D model of the finished project before they even start on it which is great from a building point of view but I'm also sure that they run into problems as they build it and need to change things as they go.
It would take me longer to draw a 3D model of the project than to build it so i just get on with it.
Look at it this way.
If it works it is because you planed it well.
If it fails then it is a prototype to sort out the issues before you build the final one.
Either way the main thing is you are making something. 

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Final Thoughts
Is it the most elegant way? Probably not.
Does it work. Sure does.
It's no major problem to design a small project on the computer and sometimes it is necessary but for larger projects I find this method works best for me.

In the next episode I will begin cutting and putting the case together.

Until next time

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