Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Nominal Tools Setting Thickness Guide Take 2 - Episode 203

After designing, making and demonstrating the Nominal thickness Tool Setter last week it has become obvious that the same thing can be achieved with a tweak to the Mach3 Script or the UCCNC macro for tool setting. This video shows how this works.There are advantages to  a software based solution such as infinate nominal thicknesses and the ability to use whatever tool setter you want. The toolsetter I made still has its place for those who want a hardware based solution of for those who are unable to impliment a software solution because of control software constraints.

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Please read this first.
The date included in the script will allow you to check if you have the most up to date version. There may have been changes to the script for bug fixes or feature inprovement so please check.

If you find an issue with a script or Macro please advise me ASAP so that a fix can be found and implimented. Use the contact form on this page.

Mach3 Scripts
There are 4 scripts available here split into metric and imperial and single plass and 2 pass touchoff.
All files are based on Big Tex's Auto zero setting script  Select the script you want to use and you will need to change the PlateThickness value to match your tool setter plate but other than the remaining values should be ok.

 Files updated 11/02/18 to add additional information in question box 

UCCNC Macros
Macro courtesy of John Revill
Select either metric or Imperial and rename to M31.txt
Replace the Aluminium touchoff plate thickness value to match your own plate.
Replace the M31.txt in your UCCNC profile with the new one. 

This script is slightly diffrent from the Mach3 one demonstarted in the video. You need to enter 0 when setting to the surface of the stock as Enter will not work at this time. This will be updated ASAP so keep an eye out for this.

Script updated 09/02/18 to remove the need to enter 0 in question box. You can now just press the enter button if you are not using an offset. eg you have the toolsetter on top of the material.

Thank you for watching  and I hope you fint this useful.
Feel free to leave a comment or any suggestions you may have.



  1. Thanks for these two different Scripts. I wasn't sure and checked and your scripts for Mach3 were a lot newer than the one I had before and I couldn't even find one for UCCNC at all.

  2. very grateful for your video's and the macro files...u r a true friend and cnc contributor

  3. Thanks for the scripts Peter, much better ones than I have now. ;-)

  4. Again Peter you have out done yourself.Great video can't wait till next week.

  5. Thanks Peter. Great work and good videos.
    Keep 'em coming mate!

  6. Thanks Peter for yet another GREAT video and also for providing the Macro files!
    Your generosity is more then helpful!



  7. Just had a look at the code, nice!
    One suggestion for a code improvement would be to add a "touch plate to the tool" request at the beginning.
    This would require the operator to touch the touch plate to the tool to make sure it its working. once it sees the tool touch, it would state "tool touch OK"
    Why would this be a good Idea you may ask? Well the other day I was using my touch block to Zero my Z
    and I forgot to attach the wire to the block. The tool came down and just kept on going until it broke the bit :-(


  8. Hi Peter its Glen GH from youtube. I updated your script to add the "touch plate to the tool" code.its added at the top of the script as the first item.
    What is the best way to send it to you?


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  10. Do you know how to do centre finding using a Edge finder what I mean it's tool with a Hole in one corner and is used to find XY corner on jobs I've made one but the Script I've got does not work properly it might be me? Can you help

  11. Winston
    It's me again just to say I know it sounds like I'm stating the obvious.
    I forgot to mention I use Mach3 if you need a a copy of the various codes I've got I will send them to you.