Wednesday 14 February 2018

Lets get down to earth - episode 206

This video is inspired by Jestah Carnie
Thank you for the question. It raises some interesting points which I try and address in this video.
 If you would like the short answer "I honestly don't know", but if watch this video you will see my reasoning for connecting my machine up the way I did.  don't know if I am right or wrong but things are working ok for me and until that changes I have no reason to change things.

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The real problem
The Internet is a wonderful thing but sometimes it seems that half of the Internets purpose is to contradict the other half. For some reason in this day and age some people still think that the earth is flat and that the Global warming is a hoax. We are of course entitled to our own opinion and this video is simply me giving you mine. Tomorrow another video will appear telling me why I am wrong and that is fine. 
I haven't been able to find anything much in the way of real information on this subject so I have tested to see what works for me. The other issue is that everyone's machine is different. This is the Apple  / Windows PC argument. Standardisation over Variety. The penalty for variety is that it becomes harder to nail down the best way to do something so providing general advise is the best you can do. My Gecko drive with isolated inputs will behave differently than a cheap Chinese break out board with no isolation. Both can do the same job but one will be less susceptible to noise than the other so one will be more reliable than the other.

What's your opinion?
I'm always interested to hear what others have to say and this is no exception.
Let me know your thoughts.
Am I right?
Am I wrong?
How is your one setup?
Was I doomed before I began?

Thanks for taking the time to watch and I will catch you next time.



  1. Watched your video, as usual. You know, in my case, it's different, my router is plugged in into a separate socket, on the wall. So, it's grounded that way. Other than that, my Chinese breakout board is grounded too, together with my four, well, five actualy, power supplies.
    True, it's different for everyone. But in the near future i am going to change my router for a spindle motor too. Looking at a bit more power than my 750W Makita router, which i am very happy with, but it will not allow me to cut deeper than 3mm without burning my tool and my material. But that's still in the future, when i get a round tuit ... pun intended ;-)

  2. Great stuff bud, keep it up. Installed mine without a hiccup. Great video, and your voice inspires confidence when installing this stuff.