Monday 13 November 2017

Javi's Almost Impossible Challenge 2017- episode 178 - 186

Hi Everyone

Throughout the month of November I will be entering the Javi's challenge which will means one video a day all through November. These videos will be short due to the work load required to post them but hopefully you will find them entertaining. So join Chip and myself for the month of November.
This page will cover each day of video entries Starting at day 12 until day20
I will add new videos to the page so bookmark it and check back each day.

Where possible I will post links to the files I use however this will not be possible for projects.

Day 12 starts with a office cupboard build.
Fear not, there will be some CNC work involved in this project but directly and indirectly.

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Part 1 of the Office Cabinet Build

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If you would like the files to make your own corner clamps please follow the link below.

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Part 2 of the Office Cabinet Build

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Sorry, No file available for this project.

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Part 3 of Office Cabinet build
Link to Hinge drills

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The Bubble Trivet file is located here:
Don't forget to checkout his website.

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Another necessary tool for the Office cabinet build. This time made from a cutoff it will allow accurate drilling of the shelf pin holes.

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Final part of the Office cupboard build adding the shelves.

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Files to make your own Push Stick can be found here.

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