Wednesday 1 November 2017

Javi's 30 Day Impossible Challenge 2017 - episode 166 - 177

Hi Everyone

Throughout the month of November I will be entering the Javi's challenge which will means one video a day all through November. These videos will be short due to the work load required to post them but hopefully you will find them entertaining. So join Chip and myself for the month of November.
This page will cover each day of video entries starting at day 1 and continuing to Day 11. I will add new videos to the page so bookmark it and check back each day.

Where possible I will post links to the files I use however this will not be possible for projects.

Sorry no plan available or the angel project

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I cannot provide the file used for this project but checkout the link below. It is a very similar puzzle and in some respects better. This is an excellent site for project ideas so check it out.

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There is no file for this project as it is custom made for a Dyco Saw which is a New Zealand made Tablesaw unlikely to be owned by any viewers. If you have a Dyco saw and would like the file please email me and I will be happy to share it.

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This is a BigZ 3d puzzle posted by BigZ on the CNCZone. Mine was scaled to use 6mm MDF so remember to scale the model to suit your material.

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 No File available for this project


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This video is not part of the Challenge but a Bonus into the workings of Chip.

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These pipe clamp feet can be downloaded from     Pipe Clamp feet

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Files to make your own Cribbage board can be downoaded from here: 

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The fiile for this project is courteousy of
Be sure to checkout his site for excellent projects.

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Sometimes you just need to try something for yourself and see what works with you.
The filler used for this is Haydn Professional filler.

Haydn Professional Filler 4 litre is a single pack, quick drying, water based filler, suitable for interior and exterior application. It can be applied over timber, masonry, plaster and primed metal. It has minimal shrinkage and can be nailed, screwed or planed and is easily sanded.

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Files to make your own No Junk Mail Sign can be found below

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Files to make your own Pebble Smart watch stand available using the link below.

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