Thursday 22 March 2018

How to Modify a Mach3 Screenset - episode 208

This episode is a revisit of a video I made almost 2 years about configuring my Mach3 pendant and modifying the screenset. What I didn't realize at the time was the screenset was messed up when the screenset editor opened the file. While it was subtle a viewer who was having the same problem contacted me and pointed it out. Until I saw it on my video I hadn't noticed it but now it was obvious. I tried at the time but couldn't get it to work and I still don't know why it doesn't work. Changing computers to edit the screenset seems to make thing much worse to the point that it was impossible not to notice and even more impossible to use the screenset. In my defence I don't use the 1024 screenset in my day to day machining and the editor worked well with the screenset I use. I picked on the 1024 set because it comes with Mach3 so everyone has it and in theory one screenset is as good as another. 
A few weeks ago I was helping another subscriber with a problem he was having and decided to add a digitizing LED to the screenset main page which meant I was back battling my old friend the screen editor again. This time I tried the newer version editor Screen4 and found it works well with the 1024 screenset. With the new skill learnt I thought it would be a good opportunity to update my previous video and introduce the pendant to new subscribers as I find it an indispensable addition to my machine. Especially with the modified keys on it. It is also a good opportunity to introduce the updated Mach3 Autozero script which gives added safety to the script.

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The software used to edit the screenset is available from the Mach3website on this page.

Direct download link.

Buttons, images, DRO's, OEM's and much more
The Screen4 software allows you to add more than just an LED to the screnset. You can add the entire range of components needed for your screen. It is well worth taking the time to have a play and see how a screenset is made. Wile I only added with an LED the priciple is the same for all the other components. Selct the component type from the left havd column and click to add it to the page. Drag  to the required location and double click to open the properties. Enter the required changes and that is it.

List of OEM codes used in Mach3

The new Screensets
If you would like to use the new screenset you can fint them here

The New scripts
If you would like to download the new scripts with the touch test functionality you can download it here. They can be found in the Mach3 folder. Select either Metric or imperial depending on your machine and don't forget to change the plate thickness in the script.

If you are looking for a pendant similar to mine this it the current version. It has a 4th axis that mine diesn't have which you can use either for a 4th axis or another function of your choosing simply by changing the screenset  as shown.
The link will give you multiple search results so you will want to fine a pendant that looks the same as the picture below and at the best price for you.

This particular pendant is available from multiple sources such as Amazon, so it will pay to look around. The link below is an affiliate link.

Where to from here?
This will help those who wish to modify their existing screenset to add additional functionality or even make a new custom screenset for your machine. you are only limited by your imagination. 

I hope you find it useful and until next time keep those chips flying.


  1. Great writeup and video! I have tried this on my machine computer and on my laptop following your instructions and get the same results that show on your video but after its saved and I open Mach3 the Stop button, Feed Rate Buttonsand Jog Mode buttons still dont work. Hitting the feed rate buttons do work but only adds or subtracts by 5 each button press. When I go to Mach3 and click on edit button script only the "Ref All Home" button flashes. Have any Ideas what I am doing wrong or happening? I have the newer pendant with the "A" buttons.

  2. I have no idea what could be going wrong.
    Have you tried the screenset I included with this video.
    Give it a try and email me with the results and we can see if we can figure out what is going wrong. Just use the contact form on the right hand side to email me.

  3. Peter, I will be updating my pendant and screen set, this is a great update, Thankyou!

  4. Thanks a lot for this explanatory and educative video

  5. Hi Peter!

    Just finally a year and a bit got around to downloading your metric sreenset.
    The file opens as a notepad text doc. not a .SET
    So when I put the file in the Mach3 folder and then try to load it from the mach3 program, it doesn't see it in the folder. am I saving it wrong?


  6. Very good Mach3 classic textbook,

  7. Thank your information is still helping people.

  8. I didn't realize you could move screen sets to different machines. I now have the same screen set on two machines and just move my pendent back and forth. THANKS

  9. I didn't realize you could move screen sets. I now have the same screen set on two machines and just move the pendent back and forth. THANKS

  10. Hi. thanks for your videos very helpful, is there a way to add touch plate shortcut to this controller??