Monday 16 October 2017

Building a model Train Part 2 - episode 164

This week I continue on with last weeks project of cutting model train parts for my brothers Christmas display train. Just under 1 sheet of Plywood to finish it off and i am looking forward to completing the project.
I will also how how I made the files that allowed me to machine a piece of stock longer than my Table top by rotating the stock 180 degrees.

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Where did I get the cutters for this project?
The cutter I used were purchased from this supplier on Ebay

Other ebay suppliers of 1/8" down cutting bits.

They are 1/8" in diameter single flute down cutting spiral bits.
The length of the cutting edger is 10mm ( 3/8") but anything similar eg 12mm(1/2") cutting edge would work just as well. There is little point having a longer cutting edge unless you are looking to cut your material in one pass. The flute area is weaker than the main shaft so a longer flute just weakens the cutter in my opinion. In fact since I do not cut more than 1/8th per pass any flute longer than 1/4" is a waste.
How much Plywood So how much 1/2" plywood was used to make this project?

How easy did it go together?
It went together a dream. I really thought I was going to have to fight it and round all the corners on my parts to make them fit. Much to my surprise it didn't require it. It makes me feel happier about attempting another project in the future.

More photos of the train

How big was the train?

66" long  (5' 6")
11" wide
25" high

Not sure there is much more to be said except thanks for watching and I'll see you next time.



  1. Awesome train Pete. I just purchased the Millennium Falcon model from makecnc. Looks like fun. One questions.. What problems have you had with the Nest feature in vcarve pro?

    1. Thanks John,
      I find the nesting doesn't layout the parts as I would like on the sheet and not always the best layout. It could be that I don't use it properly but I prefer to layout the parts manually. That said it does do some things exceptionally well but I find it a mixed bag. I Ususally can manually do it and use less stock.

  2. Very interesting project. What kind of pass depth did you use with that single flute 3mil cutter

  3. Thanks Cecil
    2.5mm per pass or 9 passes to get through 1/2" if you prefer.

  4. Replies
    1. I don't use tabs on a lot of my projects. Only occasionally do I get caught out.
      I made a video on it.