Saturday 15 July 2017

Feeds & Speeds - episode 154

Let me start by saying that I don't claim to be an expert on feeds and Speeds but I have learnt a few things over the years.
  • I know they are important to ensure a decent tool life and the finish on my projects.
  • I know that when abused in the extreme they will cause my cutters to break if my feed is too fast or burn my work and dull my cutter if the feed is too slow.
  • I know that even if you calculate your feedrates using manufactures data it will still depend on your machine as to whether they are right for you.
  • In short, it's a black art.
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Onsrud catalogue

The Onsrud catalogue is the only reference material I found that had Chipload information in it other than the Apps I mentioned in the video. I include a link to the catalogue as it may be useful in determining feedrates for similar cutter types.

US Router Tools App

Before using this App please download read and understand the following documentation
These are generic chiploads and need to be traeted as starting points not Gospel.

Cover art 



Vortex Tool Co. Router Bit Selection Guide

Cover art

This is an interesting app with built in calculators and a tool recomendation guide based on your selected material and machining use.



I hope you find this useful and it will help when you need to figure out Speeds and feeds for your next job. Remember to treat these as starting points and use your best judgement to determine what is right for you. If you are happy with the way your machine cuts and you are not destroying router bits then that is what matters in my opinion.

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