Sunday 9 April 2017

Installing a Spindle Part 1 - Episode 142

I've been putting this job off for a wee while now.
I wasn't sure if the current Z axis on my machine would handle the extra weight of the new spindle or if it would be ok. The only real way of finding out was to install the spindle and see how it worked. Now that i have done the couple of projects i promised I would do I can now afford to have my machine down while i do this install. To avoid having to reinstall the old router if the spindle didn't work I have done the minimum until the spindle is tested and I am confident that it will work.
 In this video you will see the technique I use to test my Z axis to ensure it will work properly.

Additional loading

For those of you who think that 2.5kG / 5lb of additional load is overkill here are my are thoughts on it. The dust shoe weighs much less than the weight I used but in addition to the dust shoe weight you need to take into account the force required to crush down the bristles of the shoe. The sgoe bristles can support the weight I used without crushing. You cannot rely on the fact that the machine will be moving sideways when the dust shoe is being crushed as this will not be the case whern drilling holes. Gravity will help with this though. Over time tdust and dirt will build up and cause additional load on the Z axis and while it will take a lot of this to stall the axis I do not want my Z running on the edge but want a confortable safety margin built hence the large weight I used. Maybe it is overkill or maybe it isn't but I feel happier knowing the Z will work just fine no matter what I throw at it.


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