Wednesday 4 January 2017

How to install Mach3 Screensets - Episode 130

How to install Mach3 Screensets and more

A question from a subscriber asked how to install a Mach3 screenset and add a customised splash screen when Mach3 starts. Also where the configure is held for your pendant configuration. This video covers where you can download some of the available screensets for Mach3 and how to go about installing them. It really is surprisingly easy.

Where to get screensets

If you would like to download and install one of the screensets used in the video or would like to try out some of the others available, follow the link below. Please note that not all of the screensets on this page are free.

Mach3 Screensets

Custom Splash screens

To make your own custom splash screen you need to make a picture 400 x 240 pixels and save it as a BMP file. Replace the 3 files splash.bmp, splash1.bmp and splash2.bmp with your new pictures and ensure they have the same names. These will be found in the C:\Mach3\Bitmaps folder unless you changed the default location of Mach3.
You need all 3 files as they are displayed randomly at startup and if you only have 1 image it will show up only once every 3 or 4 starts. If you would like it to show the same image each time just make each image the same. If you prefer to see no splash screen then delete the 3 files and do not replace them.

Backup your Pendant Setting

Pendant settings are stored in 2 different places within Mach3.
The hotkeys that map the X,Y,Z,A,B and C axis are stored in the custom XML file you created for your machine. These are configured from the Mach3 'Config / System Hotkey' menu.
When it comes to configuring the other keys on the Pendant you need to use the Mach3sceen software which allows you to customise the screenset itself and map pendant keys to the various buttons shown in the screenset. It is a very powerful tool and if you would like to know more about how to customise you pendant please have a look here.

How to customise the Mach3 Pendant



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